Carpet Beetle Larvae


It’s so unfair that a creature this small can inflict such pain and misery.  Carpet beetles are tiny, nondescript bugs that live in most homes and eat all types of organic matter. Some of their favorite things to snack on are the small amounts of skin that we shed every day.

The problem with carpet beetles is their larvae.  The fine bristles covering the larvae produce itchy and painful swelling where they come in contact with human skin.  Many people afflicted by these tiny demons initially think they have encountered bedbugs.  The allergic reaction to carpet beetle larvae however is more painful and less itchy than bedbugs.

The toothbrush is shown to give perspective on how tiny these creatures are.  Their painful ‘bites’ last for several days to two weeks, often causing referred pain in nearby lymph nodes.  The best way to avoid carpet beetles is to clean and vacuum your house fastidiously.


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